Hot Box mono[types]

After Joan Mitchell

Hot Box mono[types]

I have been doing a bit of work on the hotbox and making progress in aligning my vision of my work with my output. You know the old saying “Garbage In, garbage out”. To avoid taking out the metaphorical garbage I have been meditating regularly and quieting my mind. It is a work in progress as well as my art, a journey of the spirit of which there is no end only the joy of the experience. This is precisely why I love to work on the hotbox, it requires spontaneity, focus and allowing all to happen simultaneously! It is similar to riding a bicycle; the action or mechanics are always the same, but the experience in the moment is different every time. No matter how hard you try you can never repeat the result of that experience even if you take the same trail each time.

The process began at John Campbell Folk School at the beginning of the year when I was browsing through art books for inspiration in a watercolor class. Enter the work of Joan Mitchell, a “second generation” abstract expressionist one of the female artists that was also part of the New York School. This looks nothing like her work. I am looking at structure and spatial relationships. The following wax works that follow are my own discoveries to tap into this spatial vocabulary.


All the Color that Surrounds You!
Dimensional Drawing in wax
The Fury Within
In the Zone – dimensional_drawing
Citadel(s of Light) won second place for Mixed media in the “Art for the Heart” show currently exhibiting at the James Michener Library on the UNC campus. This piece epitomizes my journey as an artist thus far. It is composed of implied line and forms that begin to solidify then disperse into the ether maintaining its ephemeral quality.

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