Welcome to B. Dunning Arts, the artworks of Brian L. Dunning. Not to be confused by my alternative selves out there sporting the name of Brian Dunning, like the host of Skeptoid who had a cameo on the Simpson’s, or Brian Lee Dunning (my namesake) super star Rockabilly musician in Oklahoma, must we not forget the famous Irish flautist Brian Dunning who is an astonishing virtuoso. So with all of that creative momentum behind me, I have worked as a artist, for over 30 years and have been an arts and graphics educator spanning most of that time. Note: the various self portrait interpretations I have posted.

I hope you enjoy my work and you can see the intention behind each piece or at least the body of my work as a whole!

Brian L. Dunning
em: bdunningarts@gmail.com
ph: 970.631.0111